The Board of Directors of the exchange, or any other body acting in lieu of and with the authority of the Board. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. US /bɔːd/ noun
[C or S] (also board of directors) MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE the group of people who shareholders choose to manage a company or organization: »

The board has decided to reject the offer.


Club manager, Gomez, insists he has the full backing of the board.

be/sit/have a seat on the board »

He sat on the board of the WPP Group for over ten years.

step down/stand down/resign from the board »

She will stand down from the board at the forthcoming AGM.


At the age of 27, she is the youngest member to join the board.


an emergency board meeting.


a non-executive board member

Compare BOARD OF DIRECTORS(Cf. ↑board of directors), BOARD OF TRUSTEES(Cf. ↑board of trustees), MANAGEMENT BOARD(Cf. ↑management board)
[C] MANAGEMENT a group of people who are responsible for making rules and decisions on behalf of an organization: »

A complaint was filed with the state medical board.


a school governing board

[C] (also circuit board) IT a flat object covered with small metal electrical connections that create one or more circuits, used in computers and other electronic equipment : »

a graphics board

[C] (also noticeboard) WORKPLACE a flat object on a wall on which information can be fixed: »

There is a list of names on the board outside my office.

[U] (also board and lodging) a room and meals that are provided for someone who is staying away from home, for example in a hotel: »

The package includes food and board.

the boards — Cf. the boards
be above board — Cf. be above board
across the board — Cf. across the board
be/come/get on board — Cf. get on board
bring/get sb on board — Cf. get sb on board
on board — Cf. on board
take sth on board — Cf. take sth on board
See also ADVERTISING BOARD(Cf. ↑advertising board), APPEALS BOARD(Cf. ↑appeals board), BULLETIN BOARD(Cf. ↑bulletin board), EXAMINATION BOARD(Cf. ↑examination board), FULL BOARD(Cf. ↑full board), HALF BOARD(Cf. ↑half board), MARKETING BOARD(Cf. ↑marketing board), MESSAGE BOARD(Cf. ↑message board), OVERSIGHT BOARD(Cf. ↑oversight board), PRINTED CIRCUIT(Cf. ↑printed circuit), REVIEW BOARD(Cf. ↑review board), SUPERVISORY BOARD(Cf. ↑supervisory board), TOURIST BOARD(Cf. ↑tourist board)
board UK US /bɔːd/ verb [I or T]
TRANSPORT if passengers board a plane, ship, or train, or if a plane, ship, or train is boarding, passengers get on to it before the start of a journey: »

Flight 2864 to Frankfurt is now boarding at Gate 12.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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